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  • Hikvision NVR Features

    Dec 23 2015

    Hikvision NVR Features

    Hikvision delivers a diverse range of NVR solutions. Their production list could support up to 128 c...

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  • DVR vs. NVR

    Dec 23 2015

    DVR vs. NVR

    There had been numerous discussions, arguments, and justifications about IP security camera, its abi...

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  • Benefits of NVR

    Dec 23 2015

    Benefits of NVR

    NVR is one of the central devices of a CCTV system. It allows to record, store, review, and transfer...

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We also deliver IP DVR solutions as well

We have an excellent team of experts in surveillance systems who can carry out NVR installations at any location in Sri Lanka. They are skilled and can perform any NVR installation services in the shortest time.
Hikvision NVR is one of the best NVR systems in Sri Lanka. Reliance Networks is a trusted NVR supplier delivering Hikvision’s quality NVR that satisfies a wide range of requirements such as CCTV, IP Camera, Remote Surveillance, Poe Ports, etc. NVR is one the key components in a CCTV system. IP based NVRs provide great flexibility to the users. The adaptation of Wireless and Wi-Fi technology helps to create innovative CCTV surveillance solutions.
We have NVRs that supports varying numbers of Poe ports, with compatibility on IP, Analog, or both. We are one of the few NVR dealers in Sri Lanka, who do business at the best NVR price in Sri Lanka.